What should I start out with if I want to try them out without investing too much?< br> If you want to sample cloth diapering we recommend getting one or two Charlie Banana® reusable diapers and bio-liners. Please try it on your baby and discover the magical world of cloth.

What is the “2 in 1 system”?
The Charlie Banana® 2 in 1 system offers you the option of using reusable inserts as well as disposable inserts for those special occasions. For example, on holiday you might not have access to machine-washing facilities, so you have an option to use biodegradable disposable inserts. The disposable insert absorbs liquid and traps solids and thus allows the diaper shell to be used a few times before it has to be washed. It is laid on top of the fleece and is bleach and chlorine free.
The reusable insets are to be placed inside the shell of the diaper and are super absorbent. We recommend disposable inserts only for occasional use as using reusable inserts is so easy and environmental friendly.

Do I need to prewash the Diapers before I use them for the first time?
Yes we recommend for diapers to be washed before use. Also you should wash the inserts 4-6 times in order to let the fabric pores open up and obtain the maximum absorbency (you don’t need to dry them in between).
If you are using Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent for the first time then please follow its specific washing instructions:
The machine should be cleaned of all residues of other detergents before washing diapers with Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent. Run a full cycle with a few old cloths and two scoops of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent.
Always use at least 1 table spoon of Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent for a diaper load.
It is advisable to wash diapers new to Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent a full 4 times before using them on your baby. If there is any residue left from the previous detergent, it makes the diapers less absorbent.

When baby pees, do I remove the reusable insert and put in a fresh one, then put the diaper back on the baby, or do I put the whole diaper in the wash and use a new one?
Always after pee or poop you must wash the diaper and the insert, and put a new clean diaper with a fresh insert on the baby. Knock solids into the toilet and shake or rinse off any residue. Remove the washable insert and store both diaper and insert in either a dry diaper pail or a pail of water until ready for washing.

How do I remove poo from the cloth diapers?
Most of the solids will come off easily from the fleece. Ideally we use our diaper liner which you can flush together with the solids into the toilet. It prevents the diaper from getting messy. If without the liner then you can use a brush or diaper sprayer. Simply spray with cold water to prevent stains from setting.

Must the Bio-Liners be used or are optional?
The use of the Bio-Liners is optional, but we highly recommend using them. Basically, the liner prevents poop from reaching the diaper so it makes it even easier to clean. It is a very thin liner that allows liquid, but not solid to pass through. Our liners are very soft and fully biodegradable. They are made of wood pulp and will not clog your toilet. You don’t need to prewash the diaper before machine washing when the baby poops. When you use the liner you can throw the liner straight into the toilet and wash the diaper without having to scrub-off the solids from it. You will find it so easy to use the washable insert that we can almost guarantee that you will use the liners most of the time.

Will the diapers leak?< br> Adjusting the diaper to fit appropriately will prevent leaks. In addition, Charlie Banana® diapers are designed with a leak-proof leg casing, which is a wide and comfortable elastic casing that helps to contain all the mess. Always use 2 inserts on any baby once 4 months old. We also recommend using Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent because it does not clog fabric pores and thus prevents leaks.

I'am having leaking issues at night and my diaper is no longer absorbent, what I can do?
At night and for babies older than 4 months you should use 2 inserts in the diaper. It is also important how you wash the diapers (the shell and the reusable inserts). Most detergents contain residues including suds, optical whiteners, bleach, ammonia, parabens and irritating perfumes, leaving a film on clothes and cloth diapers, which clog fibers. Clogged cloth diaper fibers will repel liquids and cause diapering leaks, i.e. the fleece will not let liquid pass through and the insert will become less absorbent.
We recommend using Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent which is specifically made for parents using cloth diapers. Because of the non-toxic, completely soluble ingredients Charlie Banana® Laundry Detergent does not clog fabric pores.
But if your inserts already became less absorbent then soak the diaper and insert with some dish soap and wash them in your washing machine a couple of times to remove the residue (you can use a toothbrush to scrub the fleece). They will work fine again. 1-2 washes should do the trick.

How do I get rid of stains from my diapers?
Charlie Banana® diapers do not usually stain. However, some slight staining may occur if a child is on a certain type of medication or depending on the child’s diet. Sunbleaching or non-bleach chlorine can help to remove the stains.

Is this true that my baby will potty train earlier using cloth diapers?
Yes, cloth babies tend to potty train earlier because they feel the wetness, while in disposables they do not and this delays the learning process.

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